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I agree with most of your post, except this part:

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I showed my friends during a hammerstation run that my aggro would be enough while doing nothing from 50% HP on.
I don't want to start a flame-war here, but if this is true then they are lousy DPS and / or you have a huge gear advantage. Try that with any competent DPS, and they'll rip aggro off you after 6 seconds.

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During TfB DG NiM I'm allways guarded by my fellow tank. You may lose aggrogeneration, this is very easy to overcome and not essential AT ALL. You taunt often often to glue Ciphas and Kelsara to you.
I've never heard of that tactics before. Can you explain it further? Which tank guards the other? The one starting on Ciphas guards the Kelsara tank? (I am really curious about this).