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Guarding is often misunderstood in this game.

guarding mechanics
You can guard people for different reasons. Either to reduce aggro output or to reduce incoming damage.
A very common misconception is that you take damage if your guarded target takes damage. This however is only true for PvP. Just read the tooltip very closely.

Generaly a guard on dps to reduce aggro has only use in the 1st 10-15 seconds after a pull. After the initial burst your taunts will have stuck aggro on you like glue. Just try it out. Stop attacking when a boss is on 50% HP. I showed my friends during a hammerstation run that my aggro would be enough while doing nothing from 50% HP on.

Since most opsfights require tankswaps and taunting I would advice to guard a person for the damagereduction (may even be your fellow tank).

I always startoff to guard the healer if I dont know the skills of the 2 dps. I'd rather wait and see who will make my life as a tank difficult during trashpulls. Bossfights I tend to guard the squishiest person since dps won't rip of me.

Only bosses where you really should guard dps are:
- TfB Kephess (very very twitchy after a pillar knockdown)
- TfB the terror (1st phase = a *****)
- Scum Titan (during burnphase only, I guard the person taking most damage or swapguards to the lowest HP)
- Olok 1st phase

The rest you should guard the squishiest persons or the person who will most likely take more damage.
During TfB DG NiM I'm allways guarded by my fellow tank. You may lose aggrogeneration, this is very easy to overcome and not essential AT ALL. You taunt often often to glue Ciphas and Kelsara to you.

My closing statement:
I wish that people would react less ridiculous about guarding. Placing a guard on someone isnt black/white and is always in a state of flux.
@ OP: We guard healers because there is not always a suitable target to guard yet
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