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Dear Community,

I am a returning player since about a month ago. I've so far been using gathering skills and mission skills to set up a steady flow of income. However, I am finding myself enjoying crew skills more then I actually thought I would. Therefore I am looking for a good crafting skill to enhance my experience.

I've got highlevels that uses all kinds of primary stats. Strength, Willpower, Cunning, Aim.

What I am looking for is a crafting skill that has attractive goods for the GTN, doesnt neccessarly have to be the highlevel stuff but I wish to get more involved in crafting and making a investment to further my cash income.

Incase some class has a good crit ratio on a crew skill I will list the ones I have available for picking and leveling up a crafting skill:
- 2 Inquisitors
- Sith Warrior
- Imperial Agent
- Trooper
- Jedi Knight

Any helpful input is highly appreciated.
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