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Posted this in the PTR forum but thought i'd post it here too.

Yeah given my armor values in the character sheet and the average hit in the start before the teleport versus the hits i took once i had the crystal buff I'd say the crystal buffs were not applying correctly and any reduction in damage taken was attributable to the merc armor increase buff or my defense proc relic, in any case no where near the armor increase specified by the buff.

In the end we just had to rotate cool downs and not take the boss if none were available (unless the jugg was knocked back since the knock up came a few seconds later so it didn't really matter). The lower hits were due to only taking him with cooldowns or adrenal/relic.
Tanking him without cool downs was a death sentence for us, doubly so with a healer ported to the bridge (granted our op was in 66/69 gear but 19-22k hits repeatedly even if we had the best healing in the world would burst us down).

As a PT tank i finally know how an assasin feels since i had a streak of 4 attempts where my effective shield/defence was around 10% according to parsec, less than a third of my actual chance to do so.

On the big cleave we either hydraulic override soaked it or tried to run through him (not always possible with PTS lag and required a taunt swap to control his positioning).

All in all, if the crystals are broken the boss needs a slight buff. If they arent maybe a slight nerf to compensate for guilds without a jugg tank with thier plenthora of cool downs.
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