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09.08.2013 , 08:41 PM | #792
Well, I've been using gf for months and never had a story worthy of this thread (just average stupidity), until tonight.

It's a short story, but was laughing pretty hard.

Queue up and draw mando raiders HM, (I'm the healer) we make it to the boss with the dogs, we beat him, and everything is fine.

Then one of the dps's says: "can you guys give me a minute?"

Tank says "sure"
DPs: "I gotta go get butter"
Tank: "what?"
Me: "seriously?"
The dps "it's right across the street"
Me: "dude can't the butter wait?"
Dps: "I'll be right back, I swear"

Then the other dps says "I'm not standing around while that guy goes to buy butter." And quits. (And can you really blame him?). So we queue for a replacement and in the meantime the tank and I are sitting there, staring at his unmoving toon, basically saying "why does he need butter so immediately?"

So we get a replacement, who catches up to where we are and says "alright let's go"

Tank: "we're waiting on this guy"
Me: "he went to get butter"
New Dps "butter!?"
Tank "he said he would brb"
New Dps "from getting BUTTER?"
Me and tank: "uhhh. Yeah"

So 10 mins go by…15, and were thinking "is something stuck or something?"
"Maybe he's cooking" and from there the theories as to what the butter is for just start to get more graphic.

and finally I say "seriously, how long does it take this moron to go by butter!?" And the tank initiates a vote kick saying "I think it's time we leave this dude to be alone with his butter"

Butter dude gets kicked. We get a new dps, who asks "what happened to the last guy?"
And we say "he went to get butter" new dude says "what? Butter?" And we're like "yeah nm lets just go. "

Anyway we run the rest of the fp. It was a good group actually. And the last conversation as we were leaving the area was
Me: "I wonder if he ever made it back home with his butter"
Tank: "we'll never know"

I was laughing pretty hard.