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@alaurin, I love Val's choosing to mod Tia's bracelet. As friendship jewelry goes that's very practical - and sweet. What nerve it took for Tia to take the next step!

@kabeone...Hutt articles of incorporation. I'd hate to be one of their lawyers. XD

@marissalf, great rendition of a brutal sequence. I was infuriated at what they did to Vector during it.

I wrote The Story So Far entries for the Ruth!verse, No Death, Only Wrath!verse, and Vierce!verse for the original prompt some eight months back...since then one Ruth!verse character has been added, one underwent major development, Vierce added some stuff, and a wholly new universe, the Mellekor!verse, got some time. I'll get the Ruth!verse people out of the way now and take care of Vierce, Mellekor, and Ananz later.

Wynston, the whole story so far (some Agent spoilers may be implied herein):

Calline, no spoilers beyond the first name you hear in the BH intro:

alaurin's marvelous index has the full list of SFC Pieces for these people.
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