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Hello there!

I am also currently in the recruiting process for Pax Gaming, and overall I have found it to be a very refreshing experience. The thing I like most about how Pax handles recruitment is that you get the opportunity to get to know people there, and they you. It's not a difficult process by any means, but it does provide a warming up period for you and the community to become familiar with each other through interaction over their forums.

I've found all the fun back and forth of questions to be highly entertaining at times. So far my in-game experiences have also been positive, though to be honest my playtime has been a little on the light side more recently. RL has a way of doing that. But all in all...I would encourage anyone looking for a friendly group of helpful people to apply! You won't regret it, especially if you tend to hop between games and would love to have a robust multi-gaming community to call home when you do so!
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