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09.07.2013 , 08:44 PM | #1
Hey, my guilds 2nd team is having problems with Infiltration, they have a Jugg/Sorc combo doing it. They can sometimes do it, by pulling 1 mob, then the other, but by the time they're finished there's about 10secs left on the timer. I do Blue Phase for my guilds other group - I'm a Sin tank, and when I'm done there's 45+ secs to go. I pulled in the sorc to our run last night and he came blue phase with me and we were fine. I don't know how to help the jugg - I play Sin tank and PT tank, still lvling Jugg. He says that if he runs into mele range he gets "Melted". He says he's avoiding the shock wave. I was just wondering if anyone had, or knew of any Jugg tanking Videos of this fight, Or if anyone has any advice?