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09.07.2013 , 01:09 PM | #85
Well, mara got permanent 15% speed boost (and up to 50% for whole party for a longer time).
And even for PuGs mara has easier time to switch targets or even run away with jump. But most importantly marauders can choose their targets after they engage in combat while sins usually can not (jump vs stealth in combat).

And about heal and stealth - I was talking about shaking off focus and come back to back line to heal up. Anyway, the main purpose of stealth in combat is to shake off focus. And marauders got this ability. Why the most powerful melee dps with awesome defensive CD also got combat stealth is beyond my comprehension.

I agree that game balance in good shape compared to many other MMORPG I've played, but what saddens sin community is absence needed tweaks on PTS and in test patch notes. We know that those patch notes are not final, but we also know that balance changes is not something devs do in the last round of patch development. So we're probably left without needed changes for another half year. And I know devs don't read pvp forum so it's just us arguing against each other trying to prove something that doesn't matter anyway.
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