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If sin gets knocked out of platform in high he must go a distance to get back, while marauders can just jump back (if target is not in cover, but even then you usually have to wait a bit out of LoS for gunslinger to come out).

Next, you can't build proper melee train team with sin assisting because of usability to change focus to distant target - almost no other dps suffering from that. That alone can be a valid reason not to include assassin's in arena teams where you have to coordinate focus fire.

Next, force camouflage just enough for marauders to shake off focus and get healer a chance to heal him up. And sins force cloak usually busted a lot more frequently due to dots good opponents use on them - unless you fast enough to use blackout and it's not on CD.

Next, marauders got awesome are damage in the best burst tree (officially stated by devs). We got pathetic are. Marauders got 100% armor ignore for 4 sec on about 9 sec CD (or less, don't remember now). Of course with autocrit on main damaging ability for a given tree.
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