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No, it's not perception problems, it's selective tunnel visions problems.
I won't be arguing about the tank performance - this is a problem, everyone knows it. On the side note i would like to say that I don't know why a class that wears light armour get the tank role in the first place. For me there should only 2 tank classes and 2 healing classes, rest should be dd/dps.

Second - as you said deception and sins/shadows as a whole are not in the bad shape in the regs. And the regs are all that matters for BW. Let's face it - BW will never balance the classes around the ranked/hardcore pvpers, it will be always balance around the regs. It's normal thing, it's how the triple A MMO runs these days. They need to appeal to the wide range of ppl to be successful and to survive another day/month/year. This won't be achieved by doing changes because some fringe part of the community said so.

BW have their specialist, they have theirs statistic programs that are burrowing through countless statistic data everyday. So it's not like they are blind and don't know how the game runs. More - any sane person who will read the PvP board for a month will get the impression that it's not about the changes - it's about constant whining about everything. Cybertech nades - leave them alone - bad, nerf them - bad. PT/Vanguards - leave them alone - bad, "nerf" them - bad.

And the last thing - many of those issues that you are referring to will be solved by the removal of the 8/8 objective based RWZ. There won't be any 'true pvp guilds' that will say which class is good and which one is bad. Hell with the sole q and ranking system you won't even need one. You could be in the pve/social guild and still be doing rankeds like crazy, because you need only 3 more ppl to team up with and you're good to go. If you're good with the class you're rolling you will be able to play RWZ and nobody will give a damn about this.
For me the 2.4 patch for most ppl here should be treated like a kind of salvation.
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