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So please tell me where deception sins are bad.

I get that I have some sever perception problems, kind of hallucinations things due to some organic brain damage I probably have and those numbers I see in warzones, this ttk , those ninja cap nodes are a manifestation of my health problems
No, it's not perception problems, it's selective tunnel visions problems.

Nowhere I said they are "bad", just read the posts where I say "we are a nice fish... out of the water" or that we are a nice class just in a game not made for it.

The proof is in the pudding: as of today tank sins are not wanted:

- in progression PvE, because they may die to random "two boss crits => dead" no matter the skill, the team composition, the amount or ability of the healers. It's just like that: out of ANY player controlled action or capability, they may just die.

- In competitive PvP, for the same reason above. There just cannot exist a PvP sin / shadow tank. Players hit far more often than 1 boss and the "2 hits dead" syndrome is even stronger. Other PVE / PvP classes have reliable and predictable mitigation so they are the mainstay PvP tank. As of today sin tanks find *1* optional spot as node guarders, their ability to stealth guard overcomes their weakness. Come arenas, nodes to guard will just stop existing. And then who wants a tank whose only saving grace was the ability to guard nodes?

DoT spec shadows / sins are not wanted:

- In progression PvE the spec has super-extra stringent pre-requisites in terms of being able to 100% perform totally perfect rotations. A number of encounters just won't allow that and they have to respec infiltration... and then the untamed laughter ensues (at seeing the resulting parses).

- In competitive PvP just ask ANYONE you want and they'll agree saying that madness is one the worst PvP specs in game bar none.

Deception spec shadows / sins are not wanted:

- In progression PvE it's violently THE lowest DPS spec in game (even worse than madness!), a paragon of who you don't want to bring at hard content.

- In competitive PvP just ask ANYONE in a top guild and they'll agree saying you that deception is one of the worst specs, just a bit better than madness.

Just try applying for a renowed guild: they'll only take players of the caliber of Evolixe or Xinika (our class representative) with endless videos and scores of them being able to perform feats that with another class would make the server crash in "nerf it!" nerf demands.
I mean, if Evolixe played a marauder, it'd be like 4M damage and 120 kills a match.

Ah, did I mention that those super guys don't play deception? Guess why?

Of course deception is GREAT as level up spec, to flash-gank level 25s at Tatooine desert and to farm bads in regular warzones and make them quickly post on these forums.

Does this means they are competitive and accepted by good guilds? Nope.

Notice how I never mentioned "DPS" as being a factor for PVP. So the "LOL you want more damage" posts are just unfounded and biased.

Would you want a guy who only exists for your team 10 seconds every 2 minutes?

If your answer is "no, I am not stupid" then you know why deception does not work. I won't even say "it's weak, buff it", because it's not weak. It does not work, period. Needs to be removed and rewritten to plug in the actual SWTOR game, not the "idea of what SWTOR should have been at release".

"No lolololol that's the guy who (despite having posted 300-480k damage scores) does just 100k when he sits AFK at a node!"

Nope, our class representative and one of the big guns of our class is exactly of the same opinion, with multiple posts on our sub-forum saying the same.
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