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It's lovely how several people keep repeating the weak spot for deception sins is lack of utility and others somehow translate it in "we want higher burst".
So please tell me where deception sins are bad.

I get that I have some sever perception problems, kind of hallucinations things due to some organic brain damage I probably have and those numbers I see in warzones, this ttk , those ninja cap nodes are a manifestation of my health problems

I would like to mention that we are talking about one (out of two) if the strongest hitting class in the single target terms. This 10 boom buff as you said is many times all that I need to vaporised my target.
I don't like raw dmg numbers (tho 100k is still a shameful one) and sins are not supposed to be top damager in the warzones,. They are good with the numbers that are dealing now, huge spikes of damage that either way will kill the target of will make it run aka stop healing. Any buff I would like is only defensive one and it's not needed badly right now.

Tl;dr if somebody is saying that sins shadows in deception infiltration tree are utterly crap - so this is a serious l2p issue, and I would strongly advise some easier games like Tetris (minesweeper can be too hard).