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what you are basically saying is nerf both stealth dps classes such that they are even less viable for serious pvp?
And I thought concealment /scrapper was already completely use:P
Turn it was you want, but dying 8v8 and new arenas cannot be fought from stealth completely. If a non stealth should in principe be able to destroy a stealth class out of stealth ceteris paribus, then operative/scoundrel and assassin/shadow dps would have in principle no place in either (with objectives going away with arenas, even less though in the latter). From what I take from tanking front assassin/shadow tanks are also not really viable for arena (PTS as current setting). This would in principle eliminate a complete advanced class from content, and it is still struggling in the PVE part of the game-> punishing out of stealth dps further would raise the question why not entirely remove the advanced class from the game.
So your argument is stealth DPS should be able to stand toe to toe with non stealth, even when the stealth class entered the fight out of stealth?......if they are equal without stealth, how can giving one stealth and not the other keep them equal?.......

Shadow tanks in pvp pretty much might as well not have stealth if they are tanking, tanking means drawing attention to yourself and holding it, or at least diverting some damage to yourself to protect others. Stealthing works the opposite. Honestly from a pvp perspective a stealth tank seems like a killer thing to design right, either it does not work or it is completely op. imagine a tank who could stay stealth yet taunt and guard would be brutal. Maybe shadow tanks should get a traint that gives them more damage reduction in exchange for their ability to stealth.....