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Of the sentinel builds force(rage) is the lowest sustained DPS. Vigilance on the guardian tree in general scores as well or better the sentinel force for sustained, which is about 10% below watchman which is the number 2 for sustained right now. So force(rage) isn't within 10% of combat, let alone that 5% you are claiming was promised. But all this is besides the real point of making pvp balanced for all.

First if you think sentinel stealth in anyway equals or should be equated to the stealth of shadows or scoundrels then we really are done because we really have little common ground then.

Second yes indeed stealth classes with high burst can not in a balanced and fair pvp game have sustained DPS on par with others in any long fight. The other classes need to be able to put up a fight and have a reasonable chance to win if they live through the burst which means after the burst the other classes need to be able to pump out more DPS when the two are now openly trading blows. If the other class cannot how do they over come the burst of the stealth class? This means when fighting a training dummy and taking a parse over an extended period of time the other classes will do more sustained DPS then the stealth class.

To me the idea that stealth classes should be able to run up (unstealthed) to and simply trade blows with a non stealth class and expect to win is silly, the non stealth class should destroy the stealth class in a straight up broadside exchange. The balance comes from the fact the stealth class doesn't fight that way, he picks his fight he comes in puts the other guy in the hurt locker then wins because of his DPS lead from his burst. But if both the shadow and the sentinel have the same sustained DPS then what you have a situation were stealth is overpowering.
what you are basically saying is nerf both stealth dps classes such that they are even less viable for serious pvp?
And I thought concealment /scrapper was already completely use:P
Turn it was you want, but dying 8v8 and new arenas cannot be fought from stealth completely. If a non stealth should in principe be able to destroy a stealth class out of stealth ceteris paribus, then operative/scoundrel and assassin/shadow dps would have in principle no place in either (with objectives going away with arenas, even less though in the latter). From what I take from tanking front assassin/shadow tanks are also not really viable for arena (PTS as current setting). This would in principle eliminate a complete advanced class from content, and it is still struggling in the PVE part of the game-> punishing out of stealth dps further would raise the question why not entirely remove the advanced class from the game.