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While it is bad manners, and I do not encourage it.

People are selecting need because they do need it ... but they need it for their companion.

Until we get a companion need option between need and greed, people are free to selected need for companion gear, because you cannot viably solo without a properly geared companion (unless you are overleveled).
Need - Need (Companion) - Greed

GREAT idea bud.

Need > Need (Companion) > Greed

Somehow it sounds too ideal. Too simple of a solution, or is it just perfect?

With the Need (Companion) option available... it would be possible to grey out the actual need button if the player's main character cannot use the item. This means that people who can use the item can roll Need but the person who just wants to ninja for their companion has to roll Need (Companion,) thereby giving priority to those who need the item... (this is assuming that the person who rolls Need (Companion,) can't use the item.)

On the other hand, I don't see how it would be fair to grey out the Need option, without inserting this Need (Companion,) option, since then it makes it impossible for certain players to roll Need on items for certain companions.
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