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Burst does not matter in pve we need sustained damage i will refer you to all the parses for the. 100th time that shows we are 500 below other classes
So why are you in the PvP forums ?

Sins have crazy burst damage, and if they have their Defensive CD they near impossible to kill also. One reason Sins don't get high on the DPS chars is because they kill their targets so fast. Every time one sneaks up on my Gunslinger they take about 3/4 of my health before I even get 1 shot off. Once they're stealth and all their stuns and defensive abilities are on CD then their vulnerable, but until then they can pretty much destroy any class.

Sins are suppose to be played as a stealth class that attacks players who are engaged with other players, there not suppose to be a class that takes other classes head on... If you want that then roll another class because that's not how dps sins work.

Sins as they are now are maybe just slightly OP with their burst damage, I wouldn't really want them nerfed much because it would make the class useless.

If you want to talk about a OP class then look no further then a Jugg Spec Smash Monkey in Tank stance who easily gets 800k damage and 200k protection guarding a healer without breaking a sweat.
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