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Sins will never have their DPS adjusted because they added the recklessness talent. This makes them OP as **** under optimal circumstances and useless under suboptimal circumstances. So when the optimal circumstance arises, everyone sees this "op as ****" assassin blowing them up and comes crying to bioware about nerfing sins when reality is that they're only op against bad players.
This creates the unique situation where a class that is in actuality very bad for rated pvp dps is seen as overpowered by a large number of players. Good luck getting bioware to fix our class, you might as well regstar it up and enjoy the regs OPness.

Regarding the actual parses, bioware has stated that sins won't be upgraded from a dps perspective because "sins have the most to gain when switching from dummy targets to player targets dps-wise". Granted this information was looked at and proven to be factually the opposite of reality, but when has bioware ever let reality hold them back from making decisions in the past?

TLDR if you enjoy playing your assassin do some regs and/or become good at ninjas and nodeguarding for rateds. When that gets boring you might as well play something else because the class is never getting fixed.
This man speak truth.
If you look at ranked teams composition you see that there is almost no deception sins present - they are taken only as tanks and even then jugs are better choice for upcoming arena. Devs don't know how to fix this class - I think they are under impressions that burst from stealth is a lot more dangerous than burst after jump from nowhere, so they gave marauders all best toys while leaving sins as a victims for their mechanic.
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