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1.I am the sith lord master of the universe! How dare you ask me about my childhood?! Just kidding, mostly, I was a lingering slave before slaughtering my many masters and claiming my rightful title of sith lord! I often resort to crying in the fetal postion when I don't get my way. then shooting lighting at the person who was unlucky enough to say "No." . What? the czerka job? Oh right. I am a hard worker and will unrelenting strike down any other underling who dares question my orders.

2.Killing the pretending tyrant Lord Malgus (deceased).
2.1 Saving the planet Makeb from ground quakes.
2.2 Destroying the planet Makeb after finding out how to use ground quakes as a weapon.

3.Well, the makebians tried to stage a revolt after I tricked them into giving me the serum I was trying to use as a weapon at the time, too bad for them that I had figured out how to use the ground quake weapon at the time of said revolt.

4. I once ate the last of the rare musky rancor. Does that answer your question?

5.Easy, kill said experiment, then say it wasn't my fault.
P.S. I would like to get the postion of Organism Handler, I am very fond of ducks.