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I don`t think I`ll be coming back in 2.4. Yeah arenas are fantastic and a good thing to have but it doesn`t gives the competitive feeling that RWZ gives. If we come back now and play arenas, we will just get bored again in a month and back to square one. Therefore I think Swtor needs at least 8-9 more months, maybe they will put RWZ back..

Impulse is gonna play Wildstar but it got delayed again to May 2014 or something. I was very excited about it since most of the swtow community was going to try it..

I am playing Aion meanwhile but I must admit without friends, without a community like we have in swtor , its not as fun. I understand you perfectly, I don`t feel it in me to go and make new friends and start playing with them. Wish I had the old community with me.

In short, I might consider coming back when they implement RWZ back or add more content to PvP rather than just arenas.

Im afraid arenas would be way too hard for you.

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I never liked ranked wz, the ppl who complain and quit are the baddies that will have their low level of skill exposed in the arena where you cant pull people into a fire and win.
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