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Hey friends, where are you guys?

So I came back, hoping things would be as it used to be. I don't have the biggest friend list, but there was a nice bunch of great PvP'ers there, especially on the republic side. Now I don't see more than a very few logging on that list, and I'm too shy and afraid of making new friends because of all the bad guys that's been rerolling republic. Theres not even people on the PTS..

Is this a RIP SWTOR and a bad mistake returning-scenario, or will I be seeing some of you great people back in the game for 2.4? I gotta admit, I'm really happy about the addition of arenas, and I think it will be much more competitive, faster and less boring than ranked warzoones. This will be something you can do whenever you like, not only during prime times and against the same dang teams all the time.

Who's gonna give it a try? Really miss alot of you people that's gone. Hope you're still reading the forums, and when you see this you get all soft inside and come back.. Nausicaa, Larsson, Vito, Nat, Sainte (hehe), Zenzey, Fluffy, Vtl, Uggen, Blaster, Uhka, Ashwraith (heheheh), Bell'ona, etc etc etc! I dont see any of you anymore. #foreveralone
problably moved on unlike you sadly ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
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Welcome to hell, population: you