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I hope that quite many ppl will be back for 2.4, to play arenas, otherwise, the game is dead.

Also, have to admit that some of "core ToFN pvpers" left as soon as they met a competition on pts, so they couldnt win>loosing motivation>dropping balls>leaving the game>(starting to whine on forums about fotm setups bla bla instead of improving individual players skill wise).
Quite sad.
Do you really think people should want to use their money and time playing on a PTS though? what would it accomplish if people were more active, trying to improve their individual skill, and lets not forget actual team play. Nobody playing on PTS has figured out **** in 2 weeks compared to if the game had arena for a year.

1. no queues late at night after the beginning, so virtually no games.

2. few viable setups, etc. US east lag, so half your friends theres no point playing arena anyway. Few Actual teams, no matchmaking, broken mechanics, bugs.

im sorry but by practising PTS even as your fotm setup you're gonna buy yourself a few weeks of practice, then wait months and months till bioware hopefully makes a 2.4 arena patch with balance changes that might make fun and challenging, and then what?

I just don't think more people trying to compete on PTS would change ****. So yay then we can have a bit to do for the 3 months it takes bioware to launch arenas still with retarded setups? Nobody cares about PTS competition for a good reason not just chickening out cuz they see 2 maras and an operative in every game.
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