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I hope that quite many ppl will be back for 2.4, to play arenas, otherwise, the game is dead.

Also, have to admit that some of "core ToFN pvpers" left as soon as they met a competition on pts, so they couldnt win>loosing motivation>dropping balls>leaving the game>(starting to whine on forums about fotm setups bla bla instead of improving individual players skill wise).
Quite sad.
I agree with u there. It seems a lot of so called "PvPers" actually lacked individual player skill to compete and perform well in arenas while saying "omg fotm comp, cant beat" as their backup/excuse not to play arenas. As many have said before it really comes down more to the player, rather than the setup, there are still ways around it. And that is what makes the diffrence between exceptional players and huttball-macro spammers.
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