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09.05.2013 , 05:40 AM | #14
Hey all

I dont know how many players from harbinger will be playing now or after 2.4

The arenes killed the guild as we couldnt play together anymore.

There are some off us playing FF XIV and killing time untill Wildstar.

Swtor has been dieing for long time now as rwz are going away and after trying the arenas on pts i have nothing to play for.

I dont really find arenas as fun as RWZ

Im personally having a break atm but im gona buy FF XIV and play it with some off our swtor people.

Overall i think most off us are just waiting for next thing and its not gona be 2.4 for most for us anyways

I hope we can keep the same people together what ever the next game will be.

Love Fluffy

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