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Hey friends, where are you guys?

So I came back, hoping things would be as it used to be. I don't have the biggest friend list, but there was a nice bunch of great PvP'ers there, especially on the republic side. Now I don't see more than a very few logging on that list, and I'm too shy and afraid of making new friends because of all the bad guys that's been rerolling republic. Theres not even people on the PTS..

Is this a RIP SWTOR and a bad mistake returning-scenario, or will I be seeing some of you great people back in the game for 2.4? I gotta admit, I'm really happy about the addition of arenas, and I think it will be much more competitive, faster and less boring than ranked warzoones. This will be something you can do whenever you like, not only during prime times and against the same dang teams all the time.

Who's gonna give it a try? Really miss alot of you people that's gone. Hope you're still reading the forums, and when you see this you get all soft inside and come back.. Nausicaa, Larsson, Vito, Nat, Sainte (hehe), Zenzey, Fluffy, Vtl, Uggen, Blaster, Uhka, Ashwraith (heheheh), Bell'ona, etc etc etc! I dont see any of you anymore. #foreveralone
Hey Bru,
I thought I'd give my two cents.

I wouldn't say that RIP SWTOR, just yet. But the PvP community took a heavy blow with the announcement that 8V8 would be removed and a lot have decided to move on and try other things or just plain quit. This you will already know.

Most the players that you mentioned are online but not as often as they used to be. This would indicate to some people that the PvP community is dying on the Tomb. I would say differently thought. As the old hands of the PvP community are moving on a new wave of PvPers are emerging and I would say that these PvPers aren't as vocal on the forums or in game as what we are used to. I may not be vocal, but I pay particular interest to the PvP community and like to observe it more than anything.

When the arenas hit in 2.4 we will get a hopefully surge in players coming back and hopefully more of the older players will come back. Like you said " it will be much more competitive, faster and less boring than ranked warzoones " Though I'll still miss 8v8 RWZ and will never understand why they needed to remove them. Having the option to do an 8v8 RWZ would of been nice to have. People will continue to play because regardless of the flaws and lack of PvP content, people still actually enjoy SWTOR PvP and lets be honest, there is nothing out there at the moment that can compete with SWTOR PvP, though this may change in the future.

Hope to see you in game.
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