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1. /force persuade I am Darth Nox, that is all you need to know.
2. Defeating the Hutt Archon, and securing the planet of Makeb for Imperial exploitation all while convincing the rest of the galaxy the planet has been destroyed. Defeating my former rival Darth Thanaton and securing his seat on the Dark Council. And while not one of my greater achievements, certainly one of the more pleasurable ones: killing Overseer Harkun upon my completion of the the Sith Academy.
3. I achieve success through ruthless, single minded determination and personal lust for power. No one stands in my way, be they innocent or otherwise.
4. Moral compass?
5. Force lightning to subdue the creature and bend it to my will. After that, probably fry that damn waiter who can't ever seem to refill my drink on time.