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According to the novel, the ones he picked were the best swordsmen on Coruscant. However both in the novel and the movie, they were killed by Palpatine quickly. I really think they didn't form a efficient team. Palpatine killed 2 easily before they were able to make any useful moves. Looks like the small space of the office, even limited their moves.

Saesee Tiin and Agen Kolar's Form were not known, Fisto is Shii-Cho, which is not good in dueling.

I think he should have picked Shaak Ti because her Makashi is good in lightsaber combat and does not require big space to use. Mace Windu should serve as the "tank", use his Vaapad to meet head on head with Palpatine, when the rest of them try to find chances to take him down.