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09.04.2013 , 06:07 PM | #10
Why is it that Biochem crafting is the only one of the crafting crew skills that has this quirk?
I too am stuck at 435 in my biochem. All of the other crafting skills went straight from 400 to 450 without having the requirement of having to craft only certain items to raise the level (at least that I'm aware of).
I don't use adrenals for any of my toons so I would have no reason to waste creds and resources crafting them. I do use implants, stims and medpacks. Is it right to force you to use resources on something you don't use? The other crew skills aren't set up that way. If stims, medpacks, implants, and adrenals are all orange at level 52, why is it that ONLY crafting the adrenals can increase the skill level?