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I know sorry isn't a damn thing I am very sorry you had to suffer like that. That year must have been pure hell, even if you were one of the lucky ones where flood insurance paid for flood damage which I hope you were. I know all of us think we are having a bad day because we are waiting for the server to pop but a post like the one above really does put everything in perspective.
I appreciate the sentiment Lecaja.
My Kids are safe and healthy, that's what matters. All else can be rebuilt, re-earned, etc.
As for insurance. No, Our area was in a "100 year Flood Zone" so, even though we are 50 ft from the beach insurance companies would not offer flood insurance before the storm.
And FEMA gave nothing. All repairs were out of pocket. I laugh when I hear of concerts for storm survivors and what money is going to help whom. The truth is, nearly zero dollars from all efforts and sources has actually trickled down to the people who need it most.
But, that's to be expected from out gov and current administration.
All the help we received in our area has come from complete volunteer sources and good Samaritans.
Either way, as I said. What really matters in life are the things we cannot buy with money.
But again, thank you for your concern and sentiment.
Life after all is good. Very good.