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As I said earlier, I hope for this inconvienence to people that pay for this you give subscribers a boat load of cartel credits..
I recently returned to the game after being out since hurricane Sandy. (The storm destroyed my home and everything in it) So it took me nearly a year to get the house livable again. When I got back in, I resubbed to SWTOR and in my first login noticed all of the considerable items I had on the GTN for sale were gone.
Obviously they timed out, and then were wiped from my mailbox, or sold and the creds were wiped after so long and not logging in.
I have 11 toons, all maxed gatherers so when I say "a lot of rare" crafting mats, crafted oranges, and purples for sale I mean a lot...
I sent a ticket in asking for a possible solution to recover some of my loss.
Devs gave me 720 cartel coins. So, considering I lost in excess of at least 10-20 mill in gear due to not being able to log in and only getting 720 cartel coins, I wouldn't expect a boat load of anything other than frustration and more wait times.