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09.04.2013 , 11:29 AM | #102
Could we please get some information on why the downtime is extended. I understand that these things happen, i am not bothered so much about the extension as the lack of communication about it. I read that we would be updated on the twitter feed, here is a brief version of what we have

7hr ago - down for maintenance for 4 hours (standard notification)
3hr ago - extended for 30min no info why (is only 30min so ok)
2hr ago - extended no eta (annoying but ok things happen)
1hr ago - working to bring servers up as soon as possible (ok at this point is just plain aggravating)

I would hardly call this keeping us updated. This is us just being told wait and it will be done when it's done, this is not an update.

Something along the lines of, we are working to resolve issue xxxxxx which is causing xxxxxx, and hope to have things up and running as soon as possible would be an update. That way we would know what is causing the problem and actually be given decent info on the reasons why this is happening.

Whereas what we are given is basically nothing, it is the online equivalent of when kids are pestering their parents for something and they are told they will get it later. No reason why, no description of what is happening nothing.