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Trust me, I know what a hard days work is more than most people being an Iraq combat vet, and now a highway painter, I have been working 12-15 hours every night for the past 6 weeks, 6 days a week and only have about an hour or two of free time a day, and i balance the time between my girlfriend and this game. I don't like that the servers are down longer than expected, but I have played MMO's for a few years now and I know what to expect. Its not as if they can exempt us paying customers from server down time and put all the down time on the F2P people. There are better things to get your underwear in a bunch over like how the game freezes and the audio gets really jumpy and annoying going into a loading screen for about ten seconds before un-freezing, this happens EVERYTIME!!! (or is that just me?)
What makes you think any indie MMO is a major company, and even they know what theyr doing?