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09.04.2013 , 11:20 AM | #92
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I'm used to the downtime of maintance during prime EU playtime, that's copeable, no big deal. I'm a bit sad but it's okay how it's extended today because of issues, **** happens. But please estimate a time when it's back up. I'm not asking for a specific hour, just go "We estimate the servers to be up in X hours" would be fine. I don't get why there's no ETA, can't someone working on the issue go "Yeah, we estimate it's done around X". The E in ETA is for 'Estimated' so estimate something, please xD
They had an eta when it started: 4 hours.. 7 hours gone by... allready.

Bioware on this matter is a joke. All this stuff of what could be one issue? They dont even tell players why.

And its prime european time btw...