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oooh wow, a whole day!!! You don't have a single other thing to do with your life? Like go outside, mow your lawn, or get a tan? Its seriously not that big of an issue, be patient and accept it, it happens and complaining will never fix a thing. All it does is show how immature you are. (really you sound like a spoiled little kid)
As people who pay for a service, regardless of whether that service is road side assistance or access to an online video game.
The service should be available when the subscriber needs or wants it. With the understanding that subscribers of said service should exhibit some patience when they are forewarned the service will not be available for a set period of time in the future.
HOWEVER, all too often these "Set times" we as paying customers are warned about go WAY over the allotted time.
Its not a matter of "Go outside" or "Mow your Lawn"
You have no idea about the lives of other subscribers whom you are judging (Work schedules, chore schedules etc). And frankly you have no right to judge anyone. You do however have a right, based on freedom of speech to be unpleasant and abrasive, but that doesn't make you right.
It just makes you a troll, who hypocritically isn't outside either.
Just inside being nasty to your fellow gamers.