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Actually as a Founder who has recently returned, this is very disheartening.
There are a ton of F2P games out there, with 1/100 of the SWTOR budget, and power behind them.
And they are almost never down for maintenance longer than anticipated. And when they are, their dev team communicates so well and often that the constant updates really take the sting our of waiting even hours longer than promised.
MechWarrior Online
War Thunder
Marvel Heroes
Guild Wars 2
Just examples of games with tighter communication with subscribers/players.
And before anyone says "So Go play those Games!"
Keep in mind, I do. But I keep coming back to SWTOR because I'm a Star Wars Fan.
I keep leaving because I often feel the people taking my money are not.

So go play those other games! No not really lol This is probably the most enjoyable MMO i have ever played by miles! I do however believe they could communicate better and whatnot. But... hardware could have a lot to do with it to, maybe EA and BioWare bought crap hardware for the servers without really knowing (although i would never put that past EA since almost all their online games have the worst servers ever) and now they are stuck in that rut. It could be anything, But BioWare absolutely needs to take their time and plan all this out better (PTR pre-live patch testing, keeping us better informed and more ahead of time ect...)