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09.04.2013 , 10:53 AM | #74
This change to the kingpin contracts on starter worlds in one of the most idiotic fix they had come with.

I can understand how it is annoying to have your mark killed before you can capture it because one lvl 55 is nuking him/her but guess what, we 55s face the same issue when a group of 4 55s "help" you kill the NPC and we have to spam the grenade to freeze him/her fast enough. So instead of coming with a "solution" that fixes only one half of the problem why not having a real fix, like... I don't know have the mark only vulnerable to attacks of the person triggering the spawn? I guess it makes too much sense. Or it's too much work...

Furthermore I'm not sure it was even such an issue. Maybe during the first days when people didn't realize that there was a separate achievement for capture. But in the last days I have seen plenty of people helping you then holding off to let you capture the mark if needed.

I'd like to add something: it was a perfect occasion for people who have multiple lvl 55 to come back to these worlds. For instance I have 4 pub toons (one of each class) that I have grinded more than 1 year ago and I hadn't come back to Ord Mantell since then and it was great, it even pushed me to come back and complete the various achievements there. The BH event was a perfect occasion to entice players to revisit places they don't usually come back to.

I just can't understand how BW can miss what this change implies. It's like they completely lost touch (if they ever had been in touch) with their game and the players.
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