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09.04.2013 , 09:31 AM | #17
In my experience the asteroid belt boss in hammer station is more forgiving to lesser gear. I ran it once on my tank with 2 DPS geared for the content. Other groups would have given up, but we advised each other and managed to defeat it, after the engage (tank saved theircooldown, adding a dozen of second of DPS)

Czerka is more gear dependent on some bosses. The Chief Zolkar hit my sage for 28k (equiped in 72), that'll be one shot kill for any lesser geared sage or sorcerer. The other classes don't behave much better. And it's not avoidable, it hits even after she ran a dozen of meter away from the circle. On the other hand, with good geared and skilled DPS, this russian roulette phase is dramatically shortened, avoiding wipes.