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Any danger of BW providing more than 12-18 hours notice if they intend to push maintenance back a day?
I just wanted to post an apology for any inconvenience caused by delayed maintenance posts yesterday. We are going to be more consistent with timing notifications moving forward.

You can expect Scheduled Maintenance forum posts to go up in General Discussion on the Friday before a Tuesday or Wednesday patch. The launcher and web system alerts will be posted 12-24 hours before maintenance. We'll continue to post patch notes for Game Updates the day before, though it may be less than 12 hours prior to downtime in many cases to ensure they're as accurate as possible. (Also, please note that there may be updates to the notes once the patch is live.)

When maintenance must be performed outside of the normal update schedule, unfortunately we may not be able to provide advance notice or patch notes, as these patches are unplanned and reactionary. We do them only as needed, but the downtime is generally short (usually ~2hrs).

Thank you!
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