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09.04.2013 , 12:22 AM | #32
"Characters above level 27 are no longer able to accept Hutta and Ord Mantell Bounty Contracts."

I can not understand the thought process or the why you would do this. I also see this is not the first posting of this.
Valid reasons I think this should NOT go into effect.

1) Getting the 27 - 55's to the starter planets helps EVERYONE.

2) It gets mass populated starting planets. Showing massively populated places this makes it so everyone can see there is a lot of people. It gives the new folks chances to get guilds, make friends, inspires people to subscribe. Shows the game alive and thriving. Cutting the level 27 and above from this planet just seems thwarting to game prosperity.

3) Why better yet how on in the home world can you think it is at all fair to limit / restrict / punish people for having developed or progressed in playing the game? I myself am a casual player and now this new patch tells me go delete some of your characters or at least one and start over JUST to get an achievement. I personally think that is a bit insulting and can see how it is extremely demotivating for anyone playing the game.

4) What about those characters who all ready have these Kingpin Bounty missions unlocked? I personally 7 out of my 16 characters on one server who can no longer do these bounty missions if this applies to Kingpin missions. So my time spent and hard work all for nothing? As discussed with friends and guild mates they are wondering and feeling the same concerns I am.

Positive Thoughts on some of these changes. The ONE Kingpin per week per character well THAT one I completely understand. Once a day served the content locusts well.

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