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09.03.2013 , 09:38 PM | #23
Not a fan of the bounty hunter event changes. Some of us have Kingpin contracts already bought on Hutta with high level characters, form what Iím understand we wonít be able to do them now. Nor do I like the fact we can only do each Kingpin contract once a week on a character, instead of each day. For start it lock out low level character form the event quite fast, like my BH. I'm not sure if there trying to slow down the rep grind but this isnít going to work. All it going to do is force people to play on even more alts.

As for the color, all I can say is wow. Those are some crazy prices; I wasnít even in the ballpark on those. I was going to buy them but no way, not for a one time use. If they were permit or account wide maybe.

Anyways like how you handle the medical table, change to fleet pass, and Iím interested in the new emotes.