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Awesome software, but some times I see difference in DPS results between this and Torparser/Mox ?

One thing that would be awesome, but dunno if its possible is to have groups inside the same Raid group?
Like our guild is using 1 Raid group, it would be nice if it could arrange so people doing 1 operation doesnt get mixed up with other people doing a flashpoint or another operation
The difference is most likely the way PARSEC designates the combat end event. Since the Combat End Event is many times printed in the log file out of order with the killing blows of a fight PARSEC opens a window to capture combat for 1 second after a combat end event is found. This results in more accurate results more often.

As for groups inside raid groups, the intent of the design was that raiders can create as many groups as they need to support their activities. I envisioned guilds having several Raid Groups that they can use and they all can share a password. For example you could create MyGuild 1, MyGuild 2 both with passwords GuildPass.
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