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Was just looking to get some ides about rotation/numbers i should be doing on Dread Guards but no help here

Sylvand is using mortar Volley and Plasma granade on cooldown hitting all 3 of them just to get the numbers up and the second commando ( Yayde ) is actually classified wrong since his parse is from Writhing Horror ...
thx for lettin me know.

yep that's to be expected in multi boss fights. if you want to go deeper past the numbers you can check the single target DPS in torparse (for DG council, check single target on heirad. For example he could have done 300,000 total dmg done on heirad - phase 1- and you could have done 350,000 total damage done. That means you did better single target dps , at the cost maybe of total DPS because you didn't use DFA / other aoe abilities when you see the bosses clump up.)
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