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August are the dog days of summer, the heat and travelling slowed activity down a little bit this month. Many of us are recovering from tauntaun- and veractyl-induced madness. However, we still got a lot accomplished. We added a few great new members and recruits. We cleared Operations modes that we hadn't done before. Even PvP activity has started picking up! We have events going on almost every day, so check out our calendar for things that interest you!

After attempting 8 man Scum and Villany and getting bad draws on the Droid "puzzle" we finally did a run where we cleared the entire operation. We also cleared 16 man story mode Terror From Beyond for the first time! 16 man Scum and Villany proved a bit too much for us though we did get the weekly done by defeating Thrasher before calling it a night. We also defeated Nightmare Mode Eternity Vault a couple of times.

This month we did an all consular run of Karagga's Palace! We started on nightmare mode but the Forman Crusher was too much for our Shadow Tank to get through (grumble grumble I'm 5 levels higher with pretty good gear grumble grumble ;-)). We knocked it down to Hardmode, but even then we got flattened a bit as seen here. We did clear the Operation though.

We also cleared all Republic side datacrons through Makeb with a great deal of help for the leaping-impaired from the very patient non-leaping-impaired.

Our Imperial Guild, Vindicta, is also very active even though we are primarily a Republic guild. We run Operations, Flashpoints, Toborro's, Datacron runs, and many other things on the Imperial side. We did a number of RP activities on the Imperial side this month.

If you are interested in our RP story check out the Story So Far post
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