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Lots of assumptions/educated guesses but

If the final boss proves to be too much for full 72's then as it is the last boss I don't see that as a massive issue. You will still have the first four bosses of this op to get 78's to help out and if you were struggling in the NiM raids pre 2.4 then those 78's should help get some 75's to maybe push you over the edge to get the boss down.

In addition if the above proves true then it starts to open up the NiM raids for those who previously couldn't do it giving them new content while still allowing them to meaningfully improve gear and improve till they kill it (Brontes). The second point of this is that it also means the NiM guilds have something to overcome (at least for a little while).

In addition with two ops comming then thats another source of 78's to farm to maybe make Brontes less of the DPS/healing check.
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