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09.02.2013 , 10:29 PM | #175
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I just returned to the game after 6 months and it is completely unplayable withe the item tooltip sizes.

Here is a screenshot with a maxed out UI - please tell me if you can even read the text on the item: <- Click and tell me if you think this is acceptable

Where is the fix? This thread is over 12 months old!
I have to totally agree with you. I have tried maximizing the UI Scale using the interface editor, but it does not increase the tool tip text size when I scroll over items. I really hope the developers fix this, because it seems to be an issue in the game. I would prefer not to lean over the desk or strain my eyes. I think the image you gave was a good example. I run my game on 1920x1080, and the tool tip text is just as bothersome.