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that makes no sense top end guilds should be doing NIM ops not HM

teams able to do NIM content just got their new content and gear [and exclusive titles and exclusive mounts and exclusive secret bosses... yeah I'm bitter at how much they get pandered too being less then 1%] a couple months back and most haven't cleared that. for teams clearing / farming HM still there hasn't been new content since 2.0

I feel if your team is in full 75's you should be getting your challenge from NIM TFB / SNV until NIM DF / DP comes out and then chase a new tier of NIM gear, teams in full 75's should not be looking to the HM of the new ops for their top end challenges and teams farming HM TFB / SNV should not be gated from HM DF / DP by gear because they can not clear NIM to get full 75's and be forced to farm SM DF / DP for 69's when they are already in full 72's and the same for SM DF / DP should not be gated by 72 gear for SM guilds that are in mainly 69's still

this whole ops progression just seems very unusual, im afraid that come 2.4 average guilds are going to be extremely bored with the new SM ops and the top end guilds are going to be extremely disappointed with the HM, then there will be no one happy left in the game
At this point, I don't care if I'm grinding easymode HMs for gear. I just want to stop running TFB (which everyone in our guild is absolutely sick of at this point) and S&V (which we're also sick of, just not quite as badly as we're sick of TFB). I just want to do some new content :|

I actually pugged NiM TFB this week because we left our lockout to rot. The only reason I keep going is that my sniper needs the 2hour title (have it on my sorc, then I LOLSWITCHEDMAINS, bleh) along with relic, and boots for the 75 enhancement. I'd never run it again otherwise, not even for a chance at the mount (which I've yet to even see drop, btw >_< )
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