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CZ-198 Application

Security Officer:
1. I'm a personable, big picture savvy, leave the humor out of my work,
Imperial Intelligence officer--a sniper. I've been with the empire all my
and in the military as well. I'm looking to put my time in an earn what the
reputable CZERKA, Inc. has to offer me. I naturally have a lot of experience
with all types of tech. I'm a sniper and lately we can't turn down good
health care, these days, of course. My name is simply Ænæmæ.

2. Enlisting in the service on my home-planet of Csilla. Growing up Chiss was
not part of the empire but I was contracted and trained in secret from a very
early age. Some of the major targets I've managed to nail in my sniper duties
I would list second but I will not be able to work for you if I mention their
names (I'll be a large target). The third would be when I learned to put my
morals aside when it came to performing my duties--while I became known as
cypher nine. (Here it's not really a secret where this application gets posted)

3. I remembered my training, followed all the instructed steps per any given
situation from my O.J.T. and eventually learned to never question a target's
guilt and just follow my orders and eliminate. I wouldn't do whatever it takes
I'd stay within the guidelines of my superiors up to and including the very

4. I do have a very strong moral compass but most of my training at a young age
was how to separate how I feel about a situation or what will come if a target
is eliminated. Does it ever get to me? Of course it does. Does it ever effect my
work. Certainly it doesn't alter my completion of my duties in any way, shape,
or algorithm. Performing the questionable is what we sniper's do, Sirs!

5. I'd duck back into the shadows. Make a quick glance in every available
direction or reflection and shoot a tranquilizing dart out of my hidden dart
expiring cane I use to walk around in public to fend of anyone thinking I'm an
elite weapon of death. If that didn't work I'd go to altitude make sure
no-one I can't take out easily and without increasing my exposure is able to view
me and take the thing down. I'm a sniper and we need all the citizens of the
Empire alive. As well as the Republic. What am I going to do if the war ends?