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Honestly the ops felt tuned for 72's on HM not 75's. As a tank in about 70% 75's I felt over-geared for it, surprised we are getting 78's in this op as it seems like unnecessary. I was expecting 75's but in new shells to better control power creep. Although I guess that in tuning it for 72's or possibly lower and then having it drop 78's it makes it accessible for all and have a relevance to NiM raiders
my concern for that is when SNV was on pts it was very easy compared to when it went live the same for the NIM versions, on pts everybody was saying they were too easy and not NIM worthy, that turned out not to be the case when they went live, same with the HM czerka FP's. it seems that the pts is tuned down for testing and gets buffed when it goes live. but that is basically a wait and see opinion

right now on pts most groups are requiring you to be in some 75's to join and still not clearing the op. like I said if it turns out to be more on the 75 gear side and is to difficult for teams in 72's farming HM that cant clear NIM and too easy for NIM teams in full 75's earning 78's to make it even easier then no one is going to be happy and raiders seem to be the only ones currently in the game that are somewhat happy

also if HM is dropping 78's is that going to mean that 75 level mod schematics will now be learnable, that not only throw's a wrench in to the gear progression but also hands NIM teams a huge exclusive credit faucet
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