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hmm, in that perspective yes, but think about it. NIM Scum and Villainy isn't that old and BW probably doesn't want players thinking they can jus skip NIM and move on to the next operation and get KD gear so easily. So yea if I have to do NIM SnV before I do the two new operations on HM. fine by me. Plus it separates the players who actually work their asses off doing nightmare and getting the KD gear and those who jus wait for the gear to be obtained(Like people did when they put BH and DG gear in EV, KP, and EC).
That's also a good point.

However, I think if they tuned the new HM ops for 75 gear, that target audience would just be to small.
There's plenty of people/guilds that have no problems at all clearing the current HM operations, but are still struggling with the NiM operations. Tuning for 75 would mean that they would be stuck at the sm versions, which is no challenge at all.
Failure is allways an option.