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12.23.2011 , 05:43 AM | #1
Hello, guys =) I have some issue with that quest, Taris: Bonus Series. So, I've got the quest in the spaceport from the Administrator's assistant. Then I followed quest marker to Brejic's Run and talked with rodian named Vealo. He sent me to some researchers. After completing their quests (and receiving note "Return to Vealo") I've restarted the quest "Taris: Bonus Series" and headed back to Vealo so I could do this phase of the quest again. And after the dialog with the rodian there were no update in my journal about researchers. The quest is still there, but there is no marker, no current goal. I tried to abandon the quest, log out and in again - didn't help. I think this may happen to all quests that include walking through separated quests. I have an idea: try to complete the quest with someone who also do it, but it's 50/50. Any suggestions?
To BioWare: if it's possible, fix that with one of your patches, please =)
P.S. Sorry about mistakes in the text (I know they are there =)) - my English is far from perfect.
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